ConnectMedia Ventures provides mobile marketing technology and services that enable companies to leverage the mobile channel to grow their business. Our mobile platform provides turn-key technology solutions designed to market to consumers on mobile devices. We provide mobile strategy, technology and campaign management services to companies that want to utilize the mobile channel to increase sales.

We design, host and manage customized mobile sites that are served to consumers who are accessing our client’s websites from mobile devices. Our mobile sites ensure accessibility and optimized navigation across all web-enabled phones. All mobile site content is transcoded and optimized based on the user’s exact type of mobile device. This provides mobile consumers with the ideal layout, required format and optimal navigation specifically based on their type of mobile device.

We utilize a set of mobile capabilities to continuously optimize mobile site performance. We can connect the mobile sites to traditional media via shortcode text messaging and 2-D barcodes used to drive mobile traffic. We use text marketing (SMS) to drive traffic, regain abandoned consumers and promote viral forwarding. We execute mobile advertising campaigns to drive convertible traffic to our client’s mobile sites based on performance criteria.

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Your Complete Mobile Solution

  • We provide a centralized platform for creating, executing, managing and measuring mobile campaigns.
  • We manage, serve and transcode all content so that its delivered in a format specifically optimized for the user's mobile phone type.
  • We design, host and track all mobile sites and text campaigns while enabling our clients to update content any time throughout the campaign.

Mobile toolset

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  • Provide optimized functionality for all mobile devices.
  • Improve performance of your online processes.
  • Increase sales from mobile consumers.
  • Secure and compliant on all mobile devices.
  • Enhance consumer relationships through mobile marketing.
  • Engage consumers with optimized content at the right time.