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Campaign Administration

ConnectMedia provides resources for managing all phases of client mobile campaigns from creation to execution to analysis. Account Managers are available to manage all components of client mobile strategy, including account set up, technical support, testing and ongoing customer service. They monitor campaign performance and identify additional opportunities to achieve client objectives.

In addition, ConnectMedia provides clients with a web-based interface to manage all campaign elements. This interface provides password protected secured access to all campaign content and information for clients to manage from anywhere at anytime.

  • Manage account information and campaign profile.
  • Update content to be delivered to mobile page any time during campaign.
  • Manage keywords, barcodes or images used to connect to targeted mobile pages.
  • Execute text marketing campaigns in real time.
  • Create and publish mobile page templates that connect to shortcode, 2-D barcode or image recognition technology.
  • Access real-time performance data to guide strategy.