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ConnectMedia Ventures is a mobile marketing and technology company located in Chicago, IL. We provide mobile marketing technology and services that enable companies to leverage the mobile channel to increase sales and performance of their online stategies.  We provide marketers with a flexible model for executing mobile marketing strategies by utilizing a variety of technologies to provide mobile consumers with an optimized mobile experience. These technologies can be used independently or in combination with others and tracked within the same campaign.

ConnectMedia provides strategy, execution, management and analysis of mobile marketing campaigns. We combine our proprietary content management platform and mobile transcoding / rendering engine to deliver complete mobile marketing solutions for our clients. We serve as a single source for developing and implementing all campaign components for executing effective mobile marketing strategies.

Your Complete Mobile Solution

  • We provide a centralized platform for creating, executing, managing and measuring mobile campaigns.
  • We manage, serve and transcode all content so that its delivered in a format specifically optimized for the user's mobile phone.
  • We design, host and track all mobile pages and text campaigns while enabling marketers to update content and measure performance throughout the campaign.