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Mobile eSignature and Lead Conversion Platform

The way consumers are accessing the web is changing! Many websites are receiving as much as 30% of traffic from mobile devices. Without a mobile platform in place to handle this growing segment, you could be leaving thousands of leads at the door or funding non-compliant loans.

ConnectMedia’s Mobile Compliant Platform provides a complete solution for acquiring compliant mobile leads and capturing compliant mobile eSignatures in order to properly fund loans for mobile users.

We provide a secure and customized mobile interface that serves as a counterpart to your website, specifically designed for mobile users. The interface provides an optimized user experience and compliant functionality for customers reviewing their loan terms / disclosures, submitting their eSignatures and applying for new loans using a mobile device, like on ConnectFinanceUSA.  It’s performance-based, which means you only pay for the mobile compliant eSignatures submitted and applications accepted.

How many of your leads are coming from mobile devices? We can enable you to convert them into compliant Mobile eSignatures and originated loans!

Contact us for a complimentary mobile compliance evaluation and see how compliant you are today.

Features and Benefits

    Secure client branded mobile interface that provides consumers with a compliant process for applying for a loan, reviewing loan documents & terms and submitting required eSignatures across all web enabled mobile devices. All signed loan documents can be bundled, secured via PDF and emailed to customer for later reference.
  • SMS OPT-IN Module
    for obtaining and managing the required SMS opt-in permissions from borrowers needed to facilitate text communication.
    Mobile numbers submitted in applications are queried across all major US carriers to identify and validate legitimate active mobile numbers then posted to client system upon submission.
    All mobile data is secured via 256-bit encryption, tested daily via routine system scans and verified through dynamic date/time stamp checkpoints. Mobile borrowers are required to enter a unique login to access their mobile eSignature via their mobile device.
    Personalized text messages sent to mobile users who did not submit their eSignature / application in effort to resolve concerns that may have led them to abandon before completing. Text messages contain a unique link connecting to their eSignature or incomplete application along with additional support options.
    Customized smartphone apps that provide a central location for new and existing customers to access their account details, apply for loans, review existing documents, submit eSignatures, contact customer service and obtain information on the loan process.
    Approved mobilized lenders are included in our lender ping tree to evaluate and purchase qualified mobile compliant leads.