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Publishers use our mobile marketing platform to provide advertisers with an innovative way to increase the effectiveness of print advertising and enhance reader relationships. Our technology platform enables publishers to offer advertisers a turn-key solution for adding a mobile extension to their ads. Publishers utilize the mobile channel to differentiate and expand their capabilities to drive new business and enhance the reader experience.

Our mobile solutions utilize technology to transform static media into interactive marketing experiences. We provide shortcodes / text messaging, 2-D barcodes and image recognition technology to connect traditional media with interactive content (video, images, audio) and promotions served through mobile web pages on mobile phones.

We create and manage all mobile pages used to deliver client content and provide a text marketing platform used to drive mobile loyalty programs.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase and protect ad rates by providing measurable interaction beyond the printed page.
  • Engage readers by providing a multimedia experience using video, images, audio and promotions delivered through mobile web pages.
  • Extend reader relationships by providing an interactive communication channel used to solicit feedback on editorial, ads and publication content.
  • Generate incremental sales by offering an interactive and measurable component to print advertisers.
  • Increase ad value by providing real-time tracking and the ability to capture reader information.
  • Enhance relationship with readership via text marketing mobile loyalty programs.
  • Manage all campaign components through a user-friendly, web-based content management system.
  • Leverage viral marketing through the ease of mobile forwarding.

Your Complete Mobile Solution

  • We provide publishers with a centralized platform for creating, executing, managing and measuring mobile campaigns.
  • We manage, serve and transcode all content so that it's delivered in a format specifically optimized for the user's mobile phone.
  • We design, host and track all mobile pages and text campaigns while enabling publishers to update content and measure performance throughout the campaign.