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Tradeshows / Events

Trade show organizers, exhibitors and event planners use our Mobile Marketing platform to increase the effectiveness of trade shows and events.

Our mobile solutions utilize technology that transform static media into interactive marketing experiences in order to increase leads, improve return on investment and drive attendee relationships. Our technology platform utilizes text / shortcodes, 2-D barcodes, image recognition and bluetooth technology that connect traditional media (booths / signage) to interactive content served through mobile web pages on the mobile phone.

Features and Benefits

  • Increase show value and lead generation by enabling attendees to use their mobile phone to engage and interact directly with exhibitor content (video, images, audio) and promotions.
  • Increase revenue by providing a sponsored event mobile page that provides updated event information.
  • Drive event registration by incorporating a mobile option into traditional media.
  • Provide an environmentally friendly option to access and forward exhibitor content to e-mail or mobile.
  • Capture incremental revenue opportunities by filling open sessions and promoting additional events.
  • Increase sponsorship revenue through text alerts and reminders throughout the show.
  • Establish a mobile loyalty program that provides opt-in attendees with special promotions and updates via text.
  • Measure real time performance and easily calculate return on investment.
  • Manage all content and monitor usage of mobile portal anytime during show through a user-friendly web interface.
  • Extend attendee relationship with sponsored follow up/ thank you text used to capture feedback, provide access to event material and promote future shows.

Your Complete Mobile Solution

  • We provide a centralized platform for creating, executing, managing and measuring mobile campaigns for trade shows and events.
  • We manage, serve and transcode all content so that its delivered in a format specifically optimized for the user's mobile phone.
  • We design, host and track all mobile sites and text campaigns while enabling conference organizers, exhibitors and sponsors to update content and measure performance before, during and after the show.