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ConnectMedia analytics provide clients with performance data in order to monitor performance, calculate ROI and interpret campaign results to guide mobile strategy. Our standard reporting module tracks the following data points within each campaign.

  • # of total mobile page views
  • # of mobile page views per keyword, barcode or image
  • # of mobile site visitors that accessed each piece of content on the mobile page
  • # of mobile visitors that requested follow up and contact information
  • # of mobile visitors that provided information for any actionable offer
  • # of mobile visitors that forwarded the content to a friend's e-mail and/ or mobile
  • # of page views from new registrants
  • # of page views from existing mobile registrants
  • # of total mobile consumers included in text campaign
  • # of mobile numbers that opted in per text campaign
  • Location of site visitor based on area code of mobile number
  • Activity level per date(s)

*Additional reporting requirements can be configured based on specific campaign goals and preferred metrics.