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Shortcodes are 5 - 6 digit abbreviated telephone numbers used to receive and deliver text messages (SMS-short messaging service). They are just like normal 10-digit numbers, but far more user-friendly, easier to remember, and compatible across all participating carriers. Shortcodes allow wireless subscribers to access applications on all participating wireless carriers' networks and give content providers direct access to millions of SMS subscribers.

Shortcodes require registration with all national carriers which enable all users, independent of their respective carrier, to send a message to the same number or receive a message on their handset. The Mobile Marketing Association is a mobile industry association currently at the forefront of establishing best practices and industry guidelines with carriers and application providers.

ConnectMedia's technology platform utilizes shortcodes and unique keywords to deliver targeted, multimedia and interactive content to mobile phones via mobile web pages. Clients incorporate the shortcode and keyword into traditional media which prompt consumers to use their mobile phone to access additional interactive content.