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ConnectMedia provides all resources for companies to create, execute and manage mobile marketing campaigns. We enable marketers to efficiently create and execute mobile marketing programs without adding additional resources.


ConnectMedia provides mobile marketing strategy based upon client marketing objectives and specific campaign goals. Each client engagement begins with a discovery process used to understand client marketing strategy and identify measurable campaign objectives. The discovery process lays the foundation for developing an optimized mobile strategy used to achieve stated campaign goals.

ConnectMedia and client identify required tracking and reporting metrics, set campaign duration, identify deliverables and establish tentative schedules. Based on this information, ConnectMedia creates a core mobile strategy that outlines the details of each campaign phase which serves as the central blueprint for execution.


Based on approved strategy, we create and implement all campaign components. We execute campaigns across 14 different wireless networks which account for 98% of mobile subscribers.

  • Design mobile pages.
  • Host mobile page.
  • Transcode all content so that it is delivered in a format optimized specifically per phone type.
  • Serve all interactive content to the mobile page.
  • Design and deploy all text marketing campaigns.
  • Configure and initiate all tracking.

Campaign Management

ConnectMedia provides resources for managing all phases of client mobile campaigns from creation to execution to analysis. Account Managers are responsible for managing all components of mobile strategy, including account set up, technical support, testing and ongoing customer service. They serve as the client's single point of contact and manage all customer requests. Account Managers monitor campaign performance and identify additional opportunities to achieve objectives.

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Tracking/ ROI analysis

ConnectMedia analytics provide clients with performance data in order to manage campaign strategy and calculate return on investment. Our web-based campaign management interface enables clients to monitor the performance of their campaigns from any where anytime. Upon completion, ConnectMedia provides a post-campaign performance summary that outlines all activity and offers our strategic analysis and recommendations

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