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Shortcodes are abbreviated telephone numbers used to receive and deliver text messages (SMS-short messaging service). Shortcodes can be configured to deliver unique content based upon the subject of a text message, such as a keyword.

ConnectMedia's technology platform utilizes shortcodes and unique keywords to deliver interactive content to mobile phones via mobile web pages. Clients incorporate the shortcode and keyword into traditional media which prompt consumers to use their mobile phone to access additional interactive content.
Text the keyword "cmvmobile" to shortcode 32075

2-D Barcodes

2-D barcodes are 2-dimensional codes that contain information within the bar code image. Barcodes are used to automatically connect a user's mobile phone to a mobile site. ConnectMedia's technology platform utilizes barcodes to provide direct access to targeted mobile sites that deliver interactive content.

Mobile barcode readers can be downloaded online for free, which enable mobile phones to interpret barcode data to automatically access a designated mobile page on the user's device.

List of free mobile barcode readers

2-D barcodes provide a simple process for a user to access the designated mobile site but functionality is dependent upon the user having the reader software loaded on their mobile phone.
Scan the barcode above with you mobile barcode scanner

Image Recognition

Image Recognition is the process of delivering unique content to the users cell phone based on an image that is e-mailed or text to a shortcode. ConnectMedia's technology platform utilizes image recognition to provide mobile users with access to interactive content based on specific images received via text or e-mail.

Image Recognition provides marketers with a creative means for connecting traditional media and physical objects to interactive content without requiring special software on the mobile device. Viewers text or e-mail a picture of an ad, product, logo or any image managed within our platform and immediately receive a text or e-mail that provides a link to interactive content.

Text a picture of our our logo to 32075

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