LeadSherpa is a Lead Acquisition Platform that provides software technology and workflow tools used to acquire, manage and optimize lead performance. The platform provides a unique combination of lead management functionality and optimization technology used to drive lead performance. Lenders can utilize individual components or the full Lead Acquisition Platform to power their lead decisioning, waterfalls, analytics and optimization.

Acquisition Workflow Tools – Decisioning waterfalls, scorecards, lead management
3rd Party Data Integrations – Fraud / conversion / performance data services
Optimization Software – SubID optimization, consumer / vendor data optimization
Reporting & Analytics – Real-time performance reporting and analytics tools
Lead Marketplace – Turnkey access to integrated lead partners and buyers

Set your desired performance target, tolerance level and FPD threshold and let LeadSherpa optimize your lead performance and FPD rates across all lead providers based on your real-time performance data!

Why LeadSherpa


Increase Conversion by buying more good leads and fewer bad ones based on real-time data.

Reduce CFD/CPL through weeding out under-performing leads prior to underwriting / decisioning

Optimize lead performance by automatically adjusting waterfall based on real-time data

It's time to automate the heavy lifting of lead buying and stop buying on bad leads.
Let's discuss why it makes sense for your organization.

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