LeadSherpa automates the optimization of lead sources using real-time performance data tracked to granular source tags provided within the lead data. It uses conversion goals and tolerances to deliver the desired performance and lead flow, which can be based on a schedule or adjusted manually to manage lead volume in real-time.

Self-learning algorithms use real-time performance data of granular source tags (aka subID's) to systematically manage lead flow to meet performance targets.
Targets such as funded conversion, CFD, CPL or ROI are used to systematically adjust lead flow across individual source tags in real-time.
If a tag falls below the target, it's routed through a process called "Tag Rehab", where lead flow is restricted until performance recovers. As performance improves, the restriction is reduced. If not, it continues under restriction as it's further monitored or blocked entirely.

Set your desired conversion target, tolerance level, preferences and let LeadSherpa help you buy better leads!
Try our performance calculator to see the impact LeadSherpa can have on your business.

LeadSherpa Calculator

Why LeadSherpa


Increase Conversion by buying more good leads and fewer bad ones based on real-time data.

Reduce CFD/CPL through weeding out under-performing leads prior to underwriting / decisioning

Optimize Lead Price by dynamically adjusting price point based on real time performance

It's time to automate the heavy lifting of lead buying and stop buying on bad leads.
Let's discuss why it makes sense for your organization.

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